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Carotino is a member of the vertically integrated J.C. Chang Group of companies with interests in plantations, palm oil mills and downstream processing activities.

The Group have always been emphasizing and adopting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) as part of our continuing efforts to promote environmental-friendly practices. Our goal is to realize and enhance sustainable production and distribution of safe and premium quality palm products.

The sustainable agricultural practices, which we adopt to realize the above goals, include the following:

  • Adopt zero-burning technique in replanting by burying all the residues of old palms to avoid air pollution.
  • Cultivate leguminous cover crops to check weed competition so as to reduce usage of chemical weedicide and at the same time, to minimize soil erosion and to sustain soil fertility.
  • Soil and water conservation is achieved through terracing of slopes, digging of silt pits, diverting and channelling water onto the fields, low and  wide placement of pruned fronds besides promoting good proliferation of grass in the palm rows.
  • Integrated Pest Management is practiced through judicious use of pesticides, planting of beneficial predator host plants and use of pheromone traps and rats are being biologically controlled by barn owls.
  • Purpose-built and dedicated wooden trailers are used to transport chemicals and fertilizers. The maintenance of riparian reserves to conserve natural waterways has also been our main focus.

  Carotino has incorporated the commitment to advocate sustainable agricultural practices as part if its mission to achieve excellence in the manufacturing field. We procure our crude palm oil from plantations and mills within the Group, which adopts Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our manufacturing facility is environment-friendly as our process is physical refining with minimal use of chemicals. Effluent from our plant is treated to conform to stringent requirements of the Department of Environment.

Carotino Sdn Bhd is conscious of its role in the efforts to sustain an ecologically balanced environment. We as responsible and caring corporate citizens uphold the need to satisfy our customers with premium quality products produced using the latest state-of-the-art technology with conservation of environment as an integrated part of our Corporate Philosophy.

Much interest has been generated in the industrial use of renewable resources, including palm oil. It is for this reason that renewable feedstocks can become one of the major players in the chemical industry in the near future. This might then result in a new economic order, placing agriculture in the economic forefront as one of the largest wealth-generating sectors.



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