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Carotino Oil & Fats products are 100% sourced from our own sustainable plantations in Peninsular Malaysia where it has never been an orangutan habitat. Oil palms were grown in these plantations in the 1960s and 70s. Currently, staggered replanting is in place to ensure continued high yield sustenance.

Our Carotino CPO mill and these plantations have now been RSPO certified by SGS Qualipalm.  Downstream, our Carotino manufacturing plant operates on a quality management system which is certified by SGS to ISO9001:2008 and by Lloyd’s for HACCP to RvA standards under a supply chain system which is approved and endorsed by the RSPO Secretariat.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

In today’s rapidly developing world, maintaining the delicate ecological balance and caring for the world around us has become increasingly important. At J.C. Chang/Carotino, care for the environment is at the heart of everything we do. As a member of the RSPO with oil palm plantations in Malaysia, we constantly strive to make a positive contribution to both the local and wider environment. We also use every means at our disposal to promote a harmonious relationship with nature. This commitment is reflected in J.C. Chang/Carotino’s corporate environmental policy, which is an integral part of the company’s business strategy. We firmly believe that it is good business practice to conduct our operations in harmony with the environment and the community we serve. Our policy underlines this commitment.

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable national environmental legislation and regulations
  • Ensure that land used for cultivation is in accordance with national regulations and planning
  • Preserve soil fertility, prevent soil erosion and conserve soil moisture through Good Agriculture Practices
  • Promote biodiversity and natural ecological balance in the environment
  • Select non-polluting technologies, minimise waste and practise re-use/recycling through good agriculture/manufacturing practices
  • Focus on energy efficiency and deployment of alternative energy to reduce fossil fuel usage
  • Mitigate or eliminate any adverse environmental impacts arising from our operation
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst employees, contractors and suppliers and empower them to act responsibly
  • Continually improve our environmental programs

When shopping for palm oil, read labels carefully to make sure the product has been grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. Some palm oil producers have created or expanded plantations by destroying sensitive jungle habitat. Remember Carotino is the environmental friendly oil.

Carotino Mission Statement
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